New AIPP Associates

Congratulations to the new AIPP Associates for 2018

The following recipients have been awarded the achievement of Associate at the 2018 AIPP APPA. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

Nicola Duncan
Nigel Unsworth
Ricky Gestro
Erin Hardy
Tiffany Selzer
Melanie Birt
Vikki Siliato
Lauren Starr
Angie Chia
Naomi Reiter
Julie Kerbel
Melissa Alagich
Leanne Curtis
Linda Warlond
Robert Hiette
Bruce Moyle
Matthew Vasilescu
Tania Malkin
Chris Saunders
Natarsha March
Deb Muir
Frank Cecconi
Anthony Ponzo
Robert Monteleone
Peter Sharp
Aries Tao
Natalie Rachlewicz
Reza Zamani
Digby Brown
Matthew Gianoulis
Ty Stedman
Jason Robins
Louise Sedgman
Tony Carter
Murray Redpath
Michelle McKoy

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