New AIPP Masters

Congratulations to the new AIPP Masters of Photography for 2018

The following recipients have been awarded the honour of Master of Photography at the 2018 AIPP APPA. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

Jessica Truscott
Marija Sullavan
Roxanne Gorman
Selena Rollason
Kate Ellis
Angela Miller
Stef Dunn
Roger Wandless
Kylie Garner
Scott McCook
Elizabeth Reeves
Andrea Thompson
Karen Alsop
Jodie Andrews
Peter Carroll
William Dielenberg
Colleen Harris
Benjamin Houston
Kirsten Woodforth
Roza Marciniak
Michelle Ardle
Sarah Brown
Sara McKenna
Terry Hann
Erica Serena
Michael Smith
Justin Blank
Amanda Neilson
Leah Kennedy
Forough Yavari
Ken Spence
Mauro Cantelini
Jason Soon
Craig George

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