New AIPP Masters - Gold Bars

Congratulations to the AIPP Masters of Photography who received Gold Bars for 2018

After achieving their Masters in Photography the following recipients received additional gold bars at the 2018 AIPP APPA which represents an additional 10 points earned over 5 consecutive years. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

First Gold Bar

Nathan Maddigan
Lisa Ivandich
Ignacio Palacios
Guy Havell
Dean Mansbridge
Gee Greenslade
Lee Duguid
Vicky Papas
Shannon Cotterill
Peter Barnes
Steve Scalone

Second Gold Bar

Melissa Anderson
David Summerhayes
Shane Monopoli
David Evans

Third Gold Bar

Dan O’Day
Robyn Campbell
Charles Foulsham
Frances Suter

Fourth Gold Bar

Darren Jew
Trevor Foon

Sixth Gold Bar

Lesley Downie