Canson & Kayell


Canson Infinity and Kayell Australia are giving 7 lucky people the opportunity to win an all expenses paid photography adventure to the South Coast of New South Wales. This exclusive weekend away will be conducted by some of Australia’s leading fine art photographers.

The winners will be flown to Sydney and transfered to the South Coast of New South Wales where they will participate in activities spread over 3 days and 3 nights, the proposed dates for the event are March 2019.

This all expenses paid trip will be one not to be missed so we hope you enjoy the Canson Infinity range of inkjet papers we have made for your printing enjoyment.

There are two ways to win the prizes on offer; one is to enter the 2018 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards in the Newborn, Portrait, Family, Landscape, Illustrative, and Documentary categories.

To win one of the six prizes asociated with the AIPP APPA's  you must print your entry on a piece of Canson infinity inkjet coated paper and when entering your prints notify the AIPP via its APPA online submisson that you printed on Canson Inkjet Paper or the print provider who printed your entries used Canson Inkjet Paper. During APPA 2018 we will draw the winners from the qualifying entrants and notify the winners by email, social media or sms.

The seventh prize is awarded by Robert Gatto and is selected from entrants to the AIPP APPA's who printed on Canson Infinity Inkjet Paper. He will select a deserving winner who has printed on Canson media and who has not previously been invited to come on a Canson & Kayell APPA Weekend Away.

If you are looking for labs that are Canson Certified to print your AIPP APPA prints please click on this link and choose Australia as the Country.