Rules Changes for 2018


Here’s a snapshot of the main changes in the rules, you will still need to read the rules in full, particularly those relating to category of entry.

  • Same Subject Rule: The Same Subject Rule has now been removed however, when in consideration for PPY winners Judges, as well as other factors, are asked to consider the diversity of submission when choosing a winner. It is highly recommended that all entrants strive to create a strong submission of images showing a range of photographic expertise.
  • Entrants must acknowledge the printer, retoucher and/or other creative contributors in the production of their entries on the online entry form. This information will be available to judges should the entry be in consideration for a Professional Photographer of the Year Award.
  • Album – Physical entries are now required, with a maximum of four entries per entrant.
  • Book – A maximum of four entries per entrant.
  • Commercial – now includes three sub-sections, Commissioned, Speculative/Self-Commissioned and Sport.
  • Documentary – Sport is no longer included in this category as a sub-section.
  • Newborn - Elements within the entry must be captured within 24 months of the Awards closing date.
  • Newborn – Images may contain people older than three months, pets or animals, so long as the primary point of interest is the newborn.
  • Science Wildlife & Wild Places has been renamed the Nature category, with some changes to the rules.
  • Landscape will be judged in three sections, Open, Single Capture and Aerial.
  • Pet/Animal: The pet/animal must be discernible as such, even if the whole animal is not depicted.
  • Updated post-processing guidelines for Documentary, Nature and Travel.
  • Changes to what post-production is permissible in single capture sub-sections.
  • Category Finalists: Up to five highest scoring submissions will be selected as finalists for each category over 200 prints. Up to three highest scoring submissions will be selected as finalists for each category under 200 prints.
  • Awarding Category Winners: Entry information regarding post-production, commissioned/self commissioned, single/multiple capture, and image captions will be considered during this process.
  • Further clarification of these changes and interpretation for other rules can be found online in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.